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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Urban can be not fun.

So Lucas and I go to the park most days. Usually in the morning after I feed him breakfast (Lucas is my almost 1 year old son by the way). So, some mornings we see park usuals, some mornings we see new parent/kid combos, some morning we see sleeping homeless people.. yesterday morning we saw drug dealers. 5 of them.

Some background. People at around Berri metro got annoyed with all the dealers. So the police got some funding for cameras and stuck them up, with the intention of driving them out of the area. It worked. Instead of being confined in a mostly commercial area with nice sight lines for anyone to see drug dealers coming a mile away, they are now up in my neighborhood. Your can read more about this at:

Anyway, yesterday we get to the park and two guys walk in, one in a very nice shirt and jeans and one (slightly larger) guy in track pants and a t-shirt with a backpack. They sit down on a picnic bench and a few minutes later a guy shows up on his bike, followed a few minutes later by a very dopey looking guy on foot. Apparently Mr. Dopey (I can call him names, because, well I am safe at my computer) is late, or didn't make quota or whatever, because Mr. Trackpants starts yelling at him and pushing him around. After a bit of this he leaves (Mr. Dopey, not trackpants, because my guess Trackpants is what is colorfully known as "muscle") the guy on the bike leaves but pauses as he goes by to apologize to me for the near fight. It occurs to me that he should apologize for dealing drugs and conducting business out of children's play ground, but I thought better of this suggestion.

Anyway, he comes back with another guy on a bike and a few minutes later a guy pulls up in a little white car and there is a flurry of exchanges and then everyone goes on about their day. So last night's take gets given to the boss, and everyone restocks and I'm left having fantasies in my head like that scene in High Fidelity with the A/C unit.

Then we went home and Lucas had a nap and I stewed.


At 11:47 a.m., Blogger Mike McHargue said...


Perhaps you should leave little bags of flour in a line leading out of the park. They may follow it like candy and leave the park forever.

Or the may discover they've been tricked and try to kill you.

Hmm, this needs more thought.


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