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Sunday, May 27, 2007


So we're up to a bunch of things around here lately.

One of them has been this:

It's a Kraft Peanut Butter jar that we're filling with sand. From Lucas' shoes. He collects it at the daycare and every night we dump a bit more in. We're trying to fill it by the end of the summer. This is about three weeks into the project.

The other thing we're doing is this:

This is our fence, with the first coat of stain on it. We need to put another coat, finish some of the trellis and that will be that. Then on to landscaping. Where the Barbecue is right now will be some variation on the river rock/small stone theme. The other half of the yard will be grass for small boys to play on. Though I guess that he'll wind up where he can hurt himself more effectively.

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