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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Less nice park = nicer people?

So I went to the park that is just north of here... I need to draw a map mb. Anyway, we got there and LO! no drug dealers. Also no junkies. We were, in fact alone. Then a nice nanny came with her charges and a mom showed up with her kid. It was quite nice. I still don't like the park, it is so 1990.

We're going to IKEA today, to look at some shelving for me, a couple of ottomans with storage in them and mb a sofa. Getting to IKEA is one of the few experiences that makes me want to have a car. To get there you have to take a the train to Dorval (which means metro ride) and then take a bus out of Dorval to the highway and then walk like a half KM. Then get back on the same bus and go to the metro and come home. Bah.


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