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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One less regret

When we had our door installed about a month ago we wound up in a kerfufle with the masons who were working on the bricks across the street. Our contractors had thrown rubble in their bin. This ended with the guy coming and trying to get into our locked backyard, yelling, people calling each other liars and one of my neighbors coming down the ally to back me up with a gardening tool in his hand. Fun times.

Mostly it was, like many things in life, an event tinged with regret. I'd watched these guys work on another wall down the street and they seemed decent. We need brick work done in the next year or so... it seemed a perfect match. So when this happened I felt poopy because we lost access to a contractor (I will not hire someone who calls me a liar... sorry).

So then they really got going on the work. By which I mean they put up the Tyvek and fucked off for a month.

Then they got the bricks here.. And stopped again for a week.

Now the bricks are going up. Unevenly, with no standard width to the mortar lines.

This morning they showed up and one of the guys went up the stairs to the second floor balcony to set up a board on the scaffolding. It was like watching a Rube Goldberg machine. Of course he almost got launched off the balcony. Of course the huge board fell down and went through the open first floor door...

Now they've spent the last 40 minutes cleaning up the mess they made yesterday and should have cleaned up then.... fun. *

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