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Friday, December 21, 2007

The tenticles of my memory

I've got a bad memory for certain things.

Numbers, postal codes, names, combinations for locks, bank accounts... all elude me.

Stupid details stick in my head like glue.

I read an article recently (god, how I wish I could remember where - oh the irony) about how we're all losing the ability to remember because so much of our memory is stored online and we don't have to remember.

My first thought was "oh great, another "the internet will kill us all and make us dumb and violent and mean" scare". My second thought was "OMG I HOPE SO!".

First it would mean that everyone else's memory sucked like mine. Secondly it would mean that I could start remembering things.

All of this stems from looking in my junk mail folder... all the crap I've signed up for over the years, sites I've visited with cookies on them... my whole range of interests nicely packaged up in spam.

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