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Friday, September 03, 2004

Trudeauian Dream, IKEA trek and more drug news

So, last night we were getting ready for bed and there were orange blinking lights outside our window, being a nozy twit I looked. There was a City of Montreal road crew painting lines on the street or something. The crew was made up of a black guy with a shaved head, a black guy with corn rows and a muslim woman with a scarf covering her head. All of them were talking to each other in French.

Somewhere Pierre Elliot Trudeau is very very happy.

In other news. IKEA needs to lobby for an extension of the Metro. Because waiting for the 100 or 202 bus sucks really bad. Waiting for it with a grumpy baby is worse. Waiting for it with a grumpy baby when both adults are dead on their feet is total ass. I suppose that one of us could get a drivers licence, but that seems drastic, better the City of Montreal embarks on a multi-billion dollar Metro expansion project.

So Christine is off today, the last Friday she will be unless something changes at work. So the bunch of us went to the park, the newly renoed one just south of us. When we got there I did my usual walk down of the sand box area. Today I found a bunch of little ziplock baggies, with dollar signs etc printed on them. As well I found the cover from a syringe. At the picnic bench there were two guys who looked to be seperating thier drugs and shooting up. I took pics of the crap on the ground. I'll be popping by the police station a bit later on today.


At 7:24 p.m., Blogger Mike McHargue said...

Man, what is with the druggies and the public parks? Isn't that what alleys are for?


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