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Saturday, January 08, 2005

New Year....etc

Already 8 days in, I still haven't done my 2004 wrap up and I'm procrastinating like a mad man.

Right, let's get this over with.

2004 was odd. There were moments of amazement: Lucas walking, Lucas running, Lucas Lucas and more Lucas, fun birthdays, lazy summer days, crystalline winter walks etc etc. There were also moments of utter uck: my mom's continued, protracted battle with metistatic cancer; Lucas going down our stairs, head first, at high speed; continued money worries; continued project procrastination (drywalling sucks so much more when you think it sucks); working till all hours so I am free to take care of Lucas during the day; the state of the world etc etc... In may ways for me 2004 was kind of like a 365 day long conversation about the weather "hot enough for you?" "sure is cold eh?" I guess I feel blah about wide bits of it and this colours my whole view. All in all the fun times out weighed the bad times, but over all I guess the whole year made me weary. Yes, that's the perfect term, weary.

2004, The Year of Weariness™

There, post done.


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