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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Political journalists, let it what?

Paul Wells, who I read daily has an interesting bit on journalists on trips with their national leaders here. It is, as always, smart and snarky. He points out something that anyone who has ever watched a press conference during a foreign trip by their country's leader has experienced. Recent examples were Paul Martin in Africa being asked about MP Parish etc... good times.

So, it had to happen, and there it is. Out my window. Snow. On cars. On people. On sidewalks. FRICKING WELL EVERYWHERE. Oh it is so pretty people will tell you. Oh it makes the world look magical.. laa laa.. WELL SO DOES A COUPLE OF DRINKS BUT I DON'T SEE A SEASON THAT FORCES DRUNKENNESS ON ME!!!


In other news, I soldier on with my internship work, largely unsupported, mostly kept in the dark, annoyed and confused. Ah, life.

Further. I get blood test results tonight (hopefully). Nothing serious I would guess, it's just been years since I last had a physical. Waiting for this sort of thing is always worse than the actual result.


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