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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas, Part 1 or, OMG MY STOMACH

One of the joys of being part of, for lack of a better term, bicultural family is that Christmas happens on two different days. For us French Canadian Christmas happens on the 24th at night at Chris' moms place. Then anglo Christmas happens at my parents house on the 25th afternoon and evening. Basically it is consumption, both food and gift wise, taken to Herculean levels. By the time the 26th rolls around you want bread and water.

Last night was awesome as always, my mother-in-law makes crazy food, and lots and lots and lots of it. Both Lucas and his cousin were amazingly well behaved for two small men in a room with a not so small pile of presents. Lucas got cool gifts, both the bling bling battery kind and the (in my mind) cooler non-battery learn about stuff kind. I especially like the two books he got from his Aunt and Uncle. They are bilingual picture books meant to build your vocabulary. What is really cool is that they show the masculine and feminine of all the French animals and objects. So it is a gift for Lucas and I.

I got nice stuff, as did Chris, but in the end (and this looms larger as each year passes) all I really care about is happiness for my peeps. Not just my nuclear peeps, but my extended family. I once read somewhere that the family you choose is more important than the family you are given. To this family, the one I have found in life, online, at work, at school etc, to this family I wish nothing but happiness, joy, peace, prosperity and health for now and always.


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