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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Flight

So Lucas was a pretty big star on the plane. He basically was fine except for the landing at SF, where it felt we went into near vertical dive on landing. His ears popped and he was crying and such. Appart from that, and the need to go for a walk or two he was perfectly amazing.

Thoughts that I had at Vancouver International Airport: WHAT A FUCKING PIT.

Here is what goes on at the airport: You get off the plane and you have to walk forever and then you find a luggage cart then, because you haven't gone through US customs yet, you have to collect your bagage. But when you get to the place where you go to go through US customs you have to surrender your luggage cart. Then you get to worlds most bored customs guy and then you go through. Then (huh) you collect your luggage. But you can't find the kid carrier. Because it is in a special pile that no one told you about. So you find it by mistake. Then you find another luggage cart. Then you go to the Securit check point, where two nice ladies put the bomb sniffer wand thing through your luggage and marvel at all the diapers you have with you. Then you go along to where your luggage goes down a conveyer belt to the luggage handling. There you discover that the goofs at the luggage conveyer belt really like sitting. So you get to put the kid carrier down the special conveyer belt, while they sort of point at it vaguely. Then you loose the luggage cart again.

For the last time.

This leaves you carrying (in our case):
A child
A child seat
A backpack
A kid carrier duffle bag
Some other random shit I can't remember

This also makes you angry.

But now you want to eat, which usualy makes me happy. Except that the Burger King (OH SWEET SATURATED FATS AND STARCHY GOODNESS) are only on the other side of the glass in the international side. This means you have to eat 8 dollar bagel sandwiches.

So, Vancouver International can kiss my butt.

Then we left and got to SF and had a nice ride to the hotel and a light nap and then dinner at a diner.


At 10:49 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa! Tell me the diner was Mel's! That's one of my favorite SF eateries.



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