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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I got up this morning to 6 separate death threats that appeared to come from the administrator of Free Dominion, which I thought was a bit odd.

First, some background, Free Dominion is a site I go to in the hopes of understanding some of the right-wing folk in my country. There seem to be 3 kinds of people on this site, reasonable Red Tory folks, who I disagree with about 50% of the time, reasonable Social Conservative/Neo-Con folks, who I disagree with always but are able to form complete sentences and nuts who are concerned about Desmond Tutu coming to your house and implanting you with a tracker chip so the black helicopters can find you easier (don't ask, PLEASE don't ask). My wife doesn't want me to post on this site, she feels that the nuts are a bit to excitable and that some of the neo-cons are a bit to close to the nut end of the spectrum. She may well be right.

So you get it, I disagree with most of the posters on that site most of the time.

Back to the death threat. Connie, (one of) the admin(s) of the site is not someone I agree with (at least she is honest about her support of a partial birth amendment being a wedge issue) but she has never struck me as a loon. So the death threat was a bit, umm.. FUCKING SURPRISING . Then I read it some more and noticed that it was from some asshat calling itself "LUELinks" and then I realized that Free Dominon had been hacked.

Now, let's leave aside the fact that they are running a system that some script kiddy doofus could get into and access email addresses and deal with how dumb the attack itself is. This sort of illegal activity does nothing for anyone, paints anyone who opposes the political views on the attacked site with the same brush as the twit who attacks and is generally counter productive. Don't like the political views on this site, fine, get out and vote down the party that is closest to representing them. Hell donate money to the other parties, protest at their conference (Hint, it's in Montreal this coming weekend), run for office yourself, BUT DON'T BREAK THE LAW BY BREAKING INTO A PRIVATE SYSTEM AND THEN USING THE PRIVATE SYSTEM TO SEND A DEATH THREAT TO ANONYMOUS PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET YOU PUERILE LITTLE DICK!


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