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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Flight of Time

Ok.. so things are progressing, at their usual light speed.

The house is like 75% done... there are still boxes all over the damn place, but we know where a lot of them are going and have to move some stuff to get them away. Christine's armoir's are upstairs.. so the closet portion of her little room/refuge/hiding spot is pretty much done (she lacks shoe storage–but we'll take care of that shortly). My office still has boxes and other icky wonderment in it. That said, it also has a little play corner for Lucas, complete with table and chairs etc... he hasn't totally worked it out, but it's coming.

The living room/dining room area is almost there. At first we were going to use the stereo unit etc as a divider to separate the room into the two distinct areas. Then we realized that:
  1. It looked like a dorm room set up.
  2. Lucas likes wires way too much.
  3. It made the room look tiny.
  4. We are addicted to TV, especially the news, and not being able to see the idiot box from the dining table was burning our soul.
So we moved the stereo TV unit against the outside wall and suddenly the room looked huge again. All this happened while Lucas was asleep. So yesterday morning he came rushing down the hall to the living room and came to a cartoon like skidding stop (all that was missing was the puff of dust), took one look around and announced "BRAVO" and hopped on the sofa.

We're going to do some outside work this weekend on Saturday. I'm planning some kind of Zeny thing for the front yardlet (7' X 14' hardly seems like a yard). So we're going to have to get some topsoil to regrade, river rocks, gardening membrane (looks like felt, isn't) and some other stuff... I need to rip up the sod and perhaps turn the existing top soil... our real estate agents are going to drop off a tree to replace the one that the old owner took (his dead father planted it–one does not mess with sentiment). Should be hard but fun. On the outside tip, the day will start with us drilling a vent hole for the dryer... that should be um.. scary as hell.

Finally, for now, I finally got my MA advisor to get it that my life was too busy to finish this semester. I sent him an email that said, in part "at this point a full-time job trumps an MA". We've agreed to talk in mid to late September. Well he wants me to talk to him in mid, I'm calling him in late.


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