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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More busy than you can shake a stick at

Ok, so the deal is this. I have 3 jobs. I'm a student finishing an M.A. I take care of Lucas and I work full time hours (albeit spread out over 7 days) for a paying job. This leaves me with exactly umm. 45 seconds to blog. Well mb more, but I spend some of that time having this thing the kids are always on about.. what's it called? oh, a life... well a semblance of one anyway...

Anyway, the 2nd draft of the thesis/internship report went off to my advisor, Saul, on Monday. This puts me on track for mid August presentation/defense... scary...

This also means that I'll be doing that the week after we move. Because we're moving. To a new house. Two blocks away. WOOT (note to buddies, email me and I'll get you the new address). It's bigger, it has property in the back. We're not calling it a yard yet, because it lacks features of a yard. Like a wall, or grass, or even real topsoil... but soon. The place has a deck, and a balcony off our bedroom and a real window in Lucas' room.. and all the good shit. We're quite pleased. Our place has been sold (in 7 days) for about $5k less than we were asking. Which is fine, since we got the place we're buying for $19k less than they were asking... pictures of the place will be on my .mac site shortly, I'm superstitious enough that I don't want to jinx it.

Lucas is weedlike.. and still the happiest person I know... he now climbs up the slides at the park, like some kind of rock climbing monkey... this causes me endless stress and him great joy. He's got a whole bunch of new words and phrases. His current fav is "come on" which he yells when we're taking too long. If I did that it would be unpleasant, but on him it's cute...

anyway, more later.. I need to sit on the sofa and drink a beer....


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