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Friday, December 01, 2006

Holy crap we're in trouble

Look, he's 3. That means that a certain amount of tomfoolery is expected. But Lucas seems to be charting a new course of tomfoolery. One that makes me think that we've a lifetime of staying on our toes to look forward to.

The other morning I go off downstairs to make the coffee, Chris takes her shower, and Lucas is asleep. So I take the monitor with me, plug it in and go on about my business. After her shower Chris goes to get him and I get to hear a very amusing radio show via the monitor.

Lucas: I'm cold (with the covers up over his head).
Chris: We'll let's get you dressed in a sweatshirt. (pulling the covers down)
Chris: WTF?
Lucas: giggle giggle

At some point during the night he'd taken his pj top partially off, rotated it so it was back to front, gotten one sleeve back on and then fallen asleep.

This morning during breakfast he wanted juice. So, mouth full of Peanut buttered toast, he asked. We told him that he can't talk with his mouth full, that it's rude.

So he takes the toast and jams it all into one cheek and points to the now empty side and says "But I can talk out this side because it's empty."

We're screwed.


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