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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Jason had a thought, one that had escaped me quite nicely. If the goal of Peter calling Belinda a dog (god, this sounds so High School when you type it out) was to destract everyone from the fact that the Plan That Isn't sucks, then it's working quite nicely.

My guess? We've got another couple of days of this, maybe till the weekend. My morning La Presse tells me that the CPC are defending Peter like nuts, so that will become the story now as well - then some goof from the CPC will get cornered by a journalist and the goof will, you know, do something goofy. Then that will be the story for a news cycle or two.

Then, probably middle of next week, like late Tuesday, early Wednesday, Peter will be having a little briefer with some journalists, about something boreing, and he'll say something like "you know, in retrospect, calling her a dog was not really smart. Hey, Darfur is really bad hey? Anyone want to take some pictures of me digging on my play farm?"


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