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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cornucopia of grab baggy stuff that I am thinking about and I also need to post something fun an positive before I drive away my 3 regular readers

Ok, so here is what is up:
  • • Lucas, Christine and I are all still sick, to varying degrees. Well not Lucas. He is in full tornado mode [sample behaviors include clearing every flat surface of any thing breakable or ripable]. We are all on the mend. Chris has stayed home for several days and is starting to feel human again.
  • • It's looking like our trip to San Francisco (the first you have all heard of it) is a go for March. We are going to hook up with Andrew and Isako and do all manner of wonderment. For us that means at least 3 day hikes (Lucas' first real ones) and as a group probably lots of sight seeing and shopping and stuff.
  • • I'm wrapping up the writing of my internship report outline. It is pretty much 70% done and my thesis/internship advisor has had a whack at it. It's due no later than Friday, so I have to get that done. Then it's just the small matter of actually, you know, writing the report and defending it.
  • • Speaking of the internship, it continues unabated. 3 days a week of HTML, SCORM, LMS and (sadly) repetitive reviews. I've shown my boss how to do much of the SCORM/LMS/HTML stuff so I guess my time there is wrapping up. But I've been guessing that for about 3 months, so who the hell knows.
  • • I'm doing auditing/reorganizing stuff for the Faculty of Arts and Science still. It is kind of fun, figuring out what is wrong with a website and then reorganizing the info to make more sense and be more useful. I can't wait to get proper webcounting/ use tracking stuff onto the sites so we can start figuring out what the students/faculty actually use.
  • • The cold snap is slowly fading away from Montreal. I suppose that cold is better than tons of snow. It's the second winter in a row that Montreal seems to be under a dome that protects us from the massive blizzards happening in the US North East and in Ontario and the Maritimes. It's a bit odd.
  • • I have nothing more right now.. I might post about something completely different shortly. Or, you know, not.


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