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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Whoosh, out of the park

I never voted for Jean Chretien. I have never voted Liberal federally. There is a pretty good chance I will die without ever voting for that party. Ever. Certainly not under their current "leader".

But yesterday I watched with mute awe and not a bit of cheering as Jean Chretien basically politely bitch slapped the Gromery commission, it's chief council and Justice Gromery around that ugly little 1970s horror of a room. The opening statement, that no one dared interrupt (set up nicely by the legal attack on Gromery last wee)? Genius. The bit about there being no "liberal" ad agencies but only Federalist ones? Like a mortar attack to soften the ground for the infantry. The various thrusts and blocks? oooh... the work of a master. The final bit with the golf balls? MUHAHAHAHAHAH! The actual close of that bit, the comment about Ogilvie Renault? snicker...

I hope for them that there weren't a bunch of conservatives sitting around Newsworld or CPAC, hoisting beers and believing that there would be some kind TV legal drama moment where Chretien would collapse, crying and admit that the whole thing was his fault. Something like "omg I'm sorry, I'm just a little guy from Shawineeegggaaan ... " Because if they were waiting for this they have no measure of the man.

I may not think he was the greatest leader Canada has ever had, but the man is the single greatest politician Canada has seen in living memory. Period. Basically he could have kept getting elected, with majorities (umm Mr. Martin, paging Mr. Martin...), until the day they found him dead in his office. Yesterday should remind people of that.

OH The best bits of the whole thing are in a story by the extremely talented Christina Lawand from the CBC.


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