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Thursday, March 24, 2005

SF Through To Thursday

Ok, so this place remains one of my favorite cities that I have ever visited, amazing weather (baring the last few days weather), good (if not cheap) food and so much to do and see.

Our hotel, the Powell, is a bit rough around the edges, but clean, relativly cheap and we can look out our window to see how bad the lineups are at the cable car. There is a little cafe in the lobby, run by a local chain. Buddy who runs it is a bit anal. By which I mean he aligns all the juices with ar ruler. I joke.... sort of.

We've been all over the Haight, which without the history would just be a cool neighborhood, but with the history is loaded with all manner of odd irony (the Gap at the corner of Haight and Ashbury as an example – the little preppy girls squealingly commenting on this irony being another). We've been to one of the aquariums and looked at buildings, done some shopping (LUCAS SIZED RAMONES T-SHIRT W000TTTTT!). Yesterday we went to the Asian Museum, they have a show on Siam and another one by a contemporary Chinese artist, Mao taking a nap surrounded by 20 thousand plastic dinasaurs is not something you see everyday. Today we're going on cruise thing we got for with our City Pass (unlimited MUNI riding, plus a bunch of attractions) and then we're going to ride the BART and go to Berkley. Tomorrow we'll go to Golden Gate Park and then to the MOMA.

My only in SF moment, I'm in the Apple Store here and to my right is a guy with prison tats who looks like 3 steps from homeless and he is updating his website in pure HTML with no WYSIWYG app.

We've only had one moment of slight stress: last night we were looking for somewhere to eat and were heading for the Castro and wound up rolling up on some corner boys.. umm.. young businessmen selling their ummm.. wares.... I did I quick look around and discovered that the same custom was taking place on all the corners that I could see. Neighborhoods like that, which are half way gentrified and halfway really really not, are really interesting.


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