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Saturday, April 08, 2006


So last weekend we went to Home Depot, looking for prices for wood for various upcoming projects (backyard, Lucas's room etc). Upon entering we saw a whole row of stainless dishwashers. They were at a fantastic price (no I won't tell you). So we checked, and Home Depot had done a deal to get basically a truck load full. So we got a Home Depot card and bought one. 

Wednesday it was delivered, and took up space in our kitchen till this morning when I finally got around to installing it. 

The only thing that we can see that is really different between it and a more expensive model we were looking at is that the factory installed insulation is basically non-existant. So, on the advice of the guy at Home Depot we also picked up some pink insulation and we taped it in place. 

While I'd never installed one before, and (as per usual) underestimated myself, it's in and it's a thing of beauty. Lucas is very happy. At our old place we had a washer and he liked loading and unloading it with Mama and Papa. 

That said, he appears to be more impressed by my drilling holes to feed the drain and supply hoses. 


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