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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Boisclair gets one right (a first mb)

Look, Andre Bloisclair is gay. He likes men. He likes to have sex with men. He probably would like to have a long term, loving relationship with another man. GAY GAY GAY!

As a gay man he probably doesn't like it when people say not nice things about gay people. He probably really doesn't like it when people say not nice things about him based simply on the fact that he is gay. An example of something he probably really doesn't like is probably the crap that was spewed by the ADQ president Yvon Picotte.

In his infinate wisdom M. Picotte said that another politician (boy, this post is like a Russian novel) "knows what he is talking about when he speaks of the future because he has two young children.

"Andre Boisclair can't say the same thing," Picotte said."

This probably annoyed him quite a bit.

So he got Picotte to appologize. I mean I suppoose he could have beat him up. I suppose he coudl have sued him. I suppose there are many avenues of retribution he could have followed. But Boisclair decided against all of these avenues and took the high ground. Politically quite smart.

This was not enough for some people, the head of one of the gay advocacy groups here in Quebec is angry that he wasn't more forceful. That he didn't attack harder.

Boisclair, in a fit of clarity (that would be his clairity and reasoned responce quota used up for this year) pointed out that he knows who he is, doesn't have anything to prove and, if elected, woudl be the leader for all Quebecers, not just gay ones.

I almost fell down when I read this article. Clairity. A point I agreed on (besides the obvious one that Charest must go)... now if he could just turn his smile down by 90% I could mb stomach the idea of voting for him.


At 1:01 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cameron, I don't think Charest is going to go anywhere because the Cons in Quebec want to keep him there. Unless the liberals in Quebec are convinced to vote for another party, charest is going to win with the support he is going to get from libs and cons.

At 5:07 p.m., Blogger Cameron Campbell said...

Joanne, that may be, but in the end this is what I think will happen:

The conservative voters will split between the LPQ and the ADQ, the left of both those parties will either stay or split to the PQ and then we're left with Premier Chucklehead.

Which may well be better than Premier "let's fuck shit up".


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