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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stupid stupid stupid stupid bigots

This is an outstanding way to prove what an ass you are.

Beyond the obvious bigotry and outright racism/cultural insensitivity. Beyond the fact that most people don't eat "properly" and that "properly" differs greatly from cultures as closely linked as, say, European cultures (the way my wife was taught to eat "properly" is different from how I was taught). Beyond all of this, here my friends is an object lesson in how to fuck up PR and optics in a spectacular fashion.

The teacher should have been taught, you know, how to talk to people who aren't pure laine, the teacher should have just been asked to appologize, the school administrator should have, at a bare minimum said "we'll look into this". Sure, backing up your teachers is always a good idea, WHEN THEY ARE RIGHT. This teacher is manifestly not right. Instead the administrator compounded the problem.

And in the middle is a little kid who just liked going to school, who liked hanging out with his buddies (all of whom who probably eat all fucked up as well) who now doesn't want to go to school, who feels like a freak (because 7 year old boys need help with that) and who now realizes that, in the eyes of many, he will never truely be "Canadian" (whatever that means this week).

So to Ecole Lalande Elementary School, and the idiots at the school board that describe this as an "educational intervention", please unass your head, get your knuckles on up from the ground and shamble over here into the 21st Century.

If you've got so much time to wory about a 7 year old with a spoon and a fork each and everyone of your kids must be getting perfect grades and not one of them must be obese, opositional or behavioral.


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