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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Toronto Trip Wrap up

So the trip to Toronto was great. Lucas was in a great mood the whole way,
played with stuff, was generally a good little man.

Changing his diaper in the VIA bathrooms remains a HUGE challenge. First
off, they are designed for smaller babies/toddlers and second off they are

Luckily Lucas didn't take a crap on the train, because after the first
changing I resorted to using the table as a standing platform and did
standing changes. At one point the train hit some bumps, Lucas kind of fell
into my arms and siad "Train fait kaboom".

The trip back was another story, we were all tired, he was wound up from a
week of having his sleep all buggered and he was generally a mess. He kinda
melted down once or twice, but never to a horrid extent.

Visiting Andrew and Isako was great. Both of them are busy at work but let
us have the master bedroom so we could have Lucas in the room with us (a
mixed blessing in retrospect).

We wandered all over the place, looking at things and shops and relaxing.

I find that the last two city vacations we've taken we've gotten a bit too
caught up in looking at stores and buying things. This bothers me a bit, we
need to take some vacations where we park and watch the world go by.

That said we managed to find shoes that both:
A) fit Lucas' feet
B) are cool.

He got Adidas Samba's and the Nike shock shoes (now known as "les soulier
qui fait boing boing).

I scored some sweet Adidas Crooked Tounges. They are silly but so very very cool. I got them at Goodfoot on Richmond. Goodfoot has a store here but, with the exception of one visit where I think a manager/owner was in from Toronto, the service at the Montreal store (which is 5 minutes from my house) is utter crap. Either they ignore me or they are surly. The service in the Toronto store was amazing. The guy who sold me the shoes was enthusiastic, knew his stuff and was insanely helpful.

We all scored coolio shirts at Hardboiled Inc.... Lucas got to sit in a fire truck, he road on the Subway (Le Subway is over dere!), the Streetcar...

All it all a great trip.

That said, as always, I'm glad I'm back to my routine.

Also, the vacation I'm craving now is the one in July where we are going
camping for 4 nights with my sister, her husband and (maybe) my Dad. We will sit. We will hike. We will eat silly food.


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