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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who Are You? And What Have You Done With My Genetic Material?

Let us set the scene shall we?

A normal table, in a normal dining room/living room, in a normal house in the Plateau.

At the table sits Maman, Papa and a child (let's call him Lucas, shall we?).

In front of each person, served according to their needs and eatting abilities, is an omlette, some boiled potatos and some peas.

Now, let's set the scene a bit more, ok?

I don't like peas. I don't have the borderline hatred that my sister has (she seems to believe they were invented as an insult to her). Chris likes peas quite a lot. So I always figured Lucas would be somewhere in the middle.

But apparently the "likes peas" gene is more powerful that the "OMFG ARE YOU TRYING TO POISON ME?!!?" gene.

Because Lucas would only eat his omlette and potatos if we hid them under a bunch of peas.


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