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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ah... guilty till proven innocent

Most things in politcs can be looked at in three ways:
  1. Is it smart politics - as in does it make you look good and potentially make the opposition look bad?
  2. Is it good for the country/state of democracy?
  3. Will it achieve what it's stated goal is?
This is an example of something that scores amazingly well on #1 and, in my opinion, falls horribly short on #2 and #3.

Think about it, if you're against this piece of legislation you are soft on crime, pro-Paul Bernardo, pro-killers etc etc etc.

As for #2, I think that anything that puts the onnus on the accused seems like an awfully good way to reverse just about everything our justice system is meant to stand for.

Finally, #3? I suppose it will keep individual bad guys off the street, but will it stop other people from doing bad things? Nope. Not a bit. So, sure, repeat offenders will be in jail. And?


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