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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Long over due second B-day update

So, on the Sunday Lucas had his second B-day party. My Dad and my cousin (or 5th or some shit) Susan came by, we Bar BQ'd and had cake and tons of fun. It was a lot less wound up than the night before, less people, one less kid...

Lucas finally got his train set, which he loved, and Susan got him this cool puzzle that comes with little cars. On one side is a sort of off road, rough road sort of dealy and on the other it's city streets. You can put it together anyway you want and then drive the little cars over the roads. So cool.

Meditations on him being three:
Lucas is the most amazing person that I've ever met (well, since Chris). Everyday he does something or says something that makes me laugh or stop and think (sometimes simultaneously). I feel priviliged to know him.


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