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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Regrets, I have but one, and she is furry...

If you are a constant reader of this blog (hi Mike, hi Marjorie, hello random other friends who periodically drop by), you'll remember we got a kitten about two months ago. She is adorable, she is cute, she does funny things.

She is crazy making.

She thinks attacking Elvira (our older cat) for hours on end is funny.

She climbs walls (literally), she tries to get up on the ledge of hanging mirrors, she views that the emptying of garbage cans is her duty.

The thing that really bugs me is the attacking Elvira. She hasn't had a moments peace since she moved in, and she refuses to really attack back. She'll knock Métro on her butt periodically, but that's it.

It's frustrating, because Métro is so damn cute, but there are times when I really really wish we had left well enough alone.

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At 3:10 a.m., Blogger shauku77 said...

hahaha i know what u mean. my kitten always go nuts early in the morning. she'd be running everywhere an attacking anything that moves i.e. my toes. now if only i can teach her to fetch the paper in the morning...hehehe

At 8:12 a.m., Blogger Margie Bargie said...

Ah Devil - thy name is KITTEN!

What might work - unless she decided it is a game - is to get one of those plant mister-thingys and give her a good squirt in the face. Scares her...doesn't involve violence...but is a form of aversion therapy.


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