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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cornucopia of random goodness

I guess that now that the man is in the ground I feel a little more comfortable talking about Arafat and what comes next. As the whooshing sound of a power vacuum grows louder, and as people clamor for elections I'm struck by the fact that there is a lot of "do as I say, not as I do" going on. Israel and the US want there to be a democratically elected leadership on the Palestinian side but the IDF continues to block off access between the various parts of the electorate that would elect this leadership. They also have fairly routine "incursions" (a term, like "civilian contractor", that does it's very best to avoid mentioning killing people) into Palestinian territory.

On the other side there seems to be a lot of people who would like nothing more than to be President for Life of the Palestinian Authority, but who are making the appropriate noises about elections. The whole thing is sad, because here is this amazing chance to move forward and either some ass with a tank or bombs strapped to him will screw it up. That, or no one will flex and the wheels on the bus will go round and round for another wasted generation.

On a different tack completely, Paul Wells has an interesting comment from
Historian Michael Blis about our PM, Paul Martin. People keep telling me that I should give the guy a chance, that he has only been in the job for a year ... etc etc etc. They forget several things: He's been auditioning for this job for what, 20 years? So we know him quite well. He's made a spectacular mess of a couple of things, and the topper, the absolute important thing for me: I would not buy something from this man. Not a used car, not a chocolate bar, not a political philosophy, nothing. There is something that bothers me about him at a very animal level.

I've just got back from the gym, a mildly horrifying experience as always. I went early on Thursday afternoon, thinking that it would be less crowded and easier for me to work out with out feeling like such a dull normal. I was right about the crowds, there was hardly anyone there, I was wrong, oh so wrong, about the whole dull normal thing. There were guys there with biceps as large as my fairly substantial head. That said, they were of the helpful, pleasant variety, no the "omfg look at the puny little man who can't hardly lift any weight at all" variety. This was good. My doctor and I had a discussion of Friday about my weight and relative slothiness. This conversation was not good. I'm going to the gym more now, thank you very much.

I always wonder what the people who are that big and buff do. I mean, what do they do in life? Because to get that fit requires a massive amount of time and effort. Do they watch any TV, do they have a social life? Do they all have to work at home or near the gym? I'm quite curious.


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