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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A refreshing pause from election related anxiety

I'm posting a lot today, stressed mb.

I thought I would write about something cute.

In case you don't know, we have cats. Five cats. The get fed twice a day. Some get wet food (the old ones) and there is dry food for the rest. We have this bucket thing we got from Canadian Tire that holds the dry food and we have a little plastic coffee mug that we use as a scoop. Lately we have been getting Lucas to help us feed the cats. He does this by holding the mug, with our help, and delivering the food to the bowls.

He feels very strongly that the cats should get more than one scoop. So he always tries to go back a second time. This morning, as always, we stopped him (some of the cats could use to loose some weight). So he walked off purposefully to his bucket of toys and rooted around for a while, until he came up with his own plastic cup. He then marched off to the cat food container in an attempt to feed them some more...

There... now you can go back to your election anxiety.


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