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Thursday, October 28, 2004

tech toys, worky worky and umm.. I dunno.. I'm tired

So Apple released two new versions of the iPod this week, the Photo iPod and the U2 Special Edition iPod both are things of loveliness and wonderment. In another world I would own both mb. In this world I have resisted saving for one, asking for one for birthdays and the like and I've never really been sure why. I was talking to Christine about this today and I guess it comes down to price and what that price represents in terms of other things. Let's just look at tech toys specifically. The biggest iPod retails for a little less than half the cost of the 12 inch iBook, something I could use a lot more than a MP3 player. $500 something Canadian could get me RAM for our original Titanium Powerbook so we could bring it into the OSX world. The same money could get me a pretty serious internal drive, which is something I could use as well... leaving aside tech toys, that much money is roughly half our mortgage for a month, or about 2 months of groceries... I dunno, if I had a bunch more money I guess I would snap one up..they are so very drool cupy.. but as it stands now so many other things seem more pressing.

I just finished version one of the third module (and final) of the online certification program I am working on for my internship. It now needs to be reviewed by the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), which, to be frank, should have happened two months ago. The content is pretty good, but has a few holes in it.. I guess I am still struggling with the whole notion of SCORM... the little app I found to make my DreamWeaver content compliant basically does the bare minimum in this regard. I fill out no metatags, no manifests and the LMS (Learning Managment System) we are working with (EKP) accepts it without SCORM (a bad joke). Basically this means that I subvert the whole idea behind the standard all the while getting to comply with it. Wheeee.. and don't even get me started on granularity... someone told me to load the whole course as one object, this was when we had at least 10 modules... UMM? The whole point is to be able to reuse "learning object" (whatever that means)if the whole course is one big object doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Anyway, a couple more weeks of this and I will be done with both the academic requirements (actually done now) and the work (well the work could go on, but the compnay doesn't want it to). So far I am kind of happy with the final product, and kind of not...



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