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Friday, November 26, 2004

A funk, a grumpy period, lots going on, and teething part 12

So, I've been tired and pissy lately. Something to do with feeling unmotivated and not sleeping. I've been killing myself to get some of this internship stuff done. It is very hard to work with people with very little production experience. I'm currently editing and resizing and importing graphics into module 4 of the certification program. The problem is that they are all still named dcss 100036.jpg and need to have some sort of naming convention applied to them, also they are HUEG LIEK XBOX and need to be slimed down. I told the people I'm working with that I need raw image files, not stuff pasted into a Word Doc. One of the graphics came in Powerpoint with a note about it being sent this way because the sender knew that I didn't want Word docs. ARRRRRRGGGGHHH.... taking the time to explain myself again is not worth the time wasted.

I have also been playing silly buggers with the payroll people at work, again. Last week I was supposed to get paid for two weeks of work, for which I bill weekly. Previously I had been paid regularly every Thursday, then it was decided that I was a contractor and thus would be paid 21 days after billing. So my boss and I decided that I would bill every Friday, ensuring that a cheque would come weekly. This pissed Payroll off, so they wanted to pay me every two weeks. Sucks, because it messed our budget, but there you go. So I go in Friday to get my cheque for two weeks of work, which I have been told was ready Thursday night. Apparently "ready" means "signed by one person, but not by the other". Which is manifestly not "ready". So it goes away to get signed and comes back to me. It is for one week. I go and talk to the payroll guy (by talk I mean "talk through clenched teeth while trying hard to not beat his head in with a monitor"). He fires up his payroll software and starts talking a mile a minute and waving his hand at the lovely payroll charts and the calendar etc etc. Finally I say to him " Stop, look at me. Why would I go from billing once a week and getting paid once a week to billing once a week, getting paid every two weeks for one weeks work? How does that make any sense?" He waves his hands some more, points to the monitor etc etc. At this point I get on the phone to my boss, who swears and tells me he will deal with it. A few hours later a courier arrives with the second cheque. I'd feel ok about this, but I know this dance will be on again next week.

Lucas seems to be pushing out tooth 12, his gum is swollen like someone put a pea up in there. The poor little bugger has been waking up really really early this week, like 5 - 5:30 (poor us as well). Oh well, this will pass as well.

I wanted to write something about what is going on in the Ukraine right now, but then I realized what I really wanted to do was point out that this is what a stolen election looks like. While I think that there were some pretty serious irregularities in the US election earlier this month, I'm pretty sure that they weren't so widespread that they cost Kerry the election (though if Ohio was buggered with who knows). That said it was nothing at all like this. The Ukrainian situation has it all: foreign interference, the threat of civil war, people swearing themselves in, other people getting sworn in without actually being the winner, countries refusing to recognize the election as fair, foreign elections observers freaking out, blogs from the protests.. boy howdy, exciting stuff. Let's all hope it doesn't end up like this.

Kelly over at OnTheFence is doing a very nice job acting as a clearing house of all the blogs that are actively covering this situation, check it out.


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