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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"Appropriate" songs

Lil Jon has a potty mouth. This is not an issue for me, as I to have a potty mouth.

It occured to me, as I was singing along with Lil Jon and Ice Cube (morning commute scene in Office Space anyone?) that this was not neccesarily the very best music to be singing with my 17 month old son. Hmm....


At 6:31 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same occured to me one day when my now 26 year old son, announced at the ago of 2 that he needed some help with "these god damned cheerios" -- Suellen

At 12:36 a.m., Anonymous david said...

One night when one of my daughters was going through a particularly difficult patch (wait.. no, never mind) I was walking with her at something like two in the morning and had 'South Park' on the TV.

It was two AM dammit... I'm not going to watch Blue's Clues at that hour no matter how loud she was crying.

My wife (of course) walks in at the moment Cartman is unleashing a tirade. I've been on probation ever since.

At 4:47 p.m., Blogger Cameron Campbell said...

David, when my son had colic I would talk the shift from the 11pm feeding until he fed the next time, usually around 2amish. So I would watch wrestling and RoboWars and extreme sports. My son's head now almost twists off when he hears skateboard wheels.


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