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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

House shopping blues

So, the real estate woman came by last night. We'd talked to our bank and figured out the whole process, and were ready to make an offer on the house we looked at over the weekend. But when she arrived she told us that there was a clause in the contract with the seller that meant that if your offer was conditional on you selling your own place then they could keep taking offers. When they received an offer you would have 72 hours to come up with a counter offer, and that this could go on indefinitely until your place was sold. Now in this market, in this neighborhood, that would probably mean 5 days, but today there is an offer being made on the house and if it isn't conditional on a sale of another place it will probably get accepted.

It's a shame really, the place was never ours, but we had started to think about how to reno it and what we would put where etc etc. It's like a little death or mini mourning now that it appears to be out of our grasp. The problem is that in this neighborhood, which we desperately want to stay in, there is a huge gap in the market. Let me explain: there are a fair number of places in the sub $300K range that are totally beaten to hell, in need of total and complete gutting and there are a lot of places in the plus $400K range that are renovated already, but are way way out of our price range. So the places that are sub $300k and not totally beaten to hell are our main goal. We want a bit more space, we've got about 1200 square fee now and would like 1500ish and up, and a backyard. There are other requirements, but those are the main ones. This place had it all. Oh well. Who knows maybe today's offer will fall through and we will get a call from the real estate woman again.

In any case this has kicked us in the ass to finish up the DIY house projects that have been languishing, so now our weekend is mapped out for us.


At 12:00 a.m., Blogger More Diapers said...

Is that 300k Canadian? If so, wow! What a deal! I can understand the house shopping blues. It took us forever just to find a place to rent. Can only imagine how long it will take us to find a house! Good luck Cameron!

At 3:15 p.m., Blogger Dave said...

We are doing the exact same thing - only we have decided to bail on the city and hit the burbs where sub 300K buys you a lot of house. Where we are now it buys you a real dump.
We are going to sell first buy second then we can forget about the conditions.

Have fun with it I say.


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