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Thursday, April 28, 2005


It has finally happened. I've gotten so annoyed with my weight and size that I am actually doing something about it. Also my buddy Mike and his tales of weight loss made me feel umm.. kicked in the ass.

I joined weight watchers online. Clean interface, simple to understand, large database of foods (a bit US-centric but still) and lots of recipe's. I've done WW before, but the analog way with meetings and stuff. It was good, I lost weight, but too much was dependent on the group leader and the dynamics of the group. We started out with a great leader who had to leave for personal reasons and then we got a not at all good leader who I hoped would have personal reasons. Also, somewhere along the way our group turned into a thing where two or three people with problems other than just weight related issues would monopolize the session. Many of them seemed to be very comfortable with the whole 12 step/group therapy like nature of the meetings (the woman who told us all about her shock therapy and sexual abuse, for instance).

Anyway, as a group of one I have great meetings with myself, I'm very encouraging and I'm able to tailor my support perfectly to my needs ("Eat that cookie you fucker and I'll bash your head off the cabinets" for example).

It's perfect.

I'll return to the gym sometime this weekend. A combination of sick, vacation and too much work has kept me away for far to long.


At 1:07 a.m., Blogger 4Sanity said...

Good luck with the weight loss getting fit.The last 8 months of last year i lost about 13 kg's then put back on 4 or 5 but I started back at they gym in Jan this year and my weight is back to the "normal" range. the hardest thing i find is the motivation to exercise.


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