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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Urban Baby

Lucas is napping right now, he got up very very early and needs his sleep, so shhhhh....

If I were to sneeze right now, he will wake up, if one of the cats yells, he will wake up, if the phone rings, same thing... but street noise? Nope.

Last night there was some sort of small fire at our next door neighbors place, more smoke than fire it would seem. But the Montreal Fire Department did what they always do, they showed up in force. 4 or 5 trucks, 25+ firemen etc. Our neighborhood is made up of connected triplexes, duplexes, single family multi-floor places etc. and if a fire starts in one and they aren't all over it quickly lots of people lose everything. I love them for taking so seriously.

Anyway, Lucas was in bed already when this happened. 4 or 5 trucks outside our door, sirens, radios, firemen chatting etc etc, never even rolled over.

A few hours after they were gone (I was up working on my M.A. stuff) one of the cats made some noise, suddenly there was a great kerfufle from his room.

It. Makes. No. Sense.


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