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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Grab bag part gazillion

Wrap up time:

I've been busy as hell. The first draft of my thesis/internship report left on Monday for my prof to edit. It felt very first drafty so it will be interesting to get his comments. I then transitioned into CSS and web dev hell. I'm working doing some new sites for the faculty and there are a few things that are a bit over my head.

Lucas is growing like crazy (more on him in a separate post), runs, plays, yells and generally terrorizes the cats.

Christine is busy doing tons and tons and tons of design work as well as trying to put together the finishing touches on a proposal for an interdisciplinary certificate for undergrads.

The cats are doing cat things. Oh to do cat things. That would be lovely. Well not the licking your own privates etc, but the sleeping and the lounging... that would be nice.


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