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Friday, April 01, 2005

SF and Trip Home Wrap Up

So we've been back for a few days, and we're starting to feel normal again. Why did I wait so long to blog the last bit of our vacation you ask? Because I was afraid I would over use the swear words... Sunday in SF was cool, we went to the urban park we love so much and slid, wandered around downtown, bought goodies at the SF Apple Store etc etc....

Then Monday came, we got up, pretty much packed, got into the airport shuttle, and made our way to SFO where we got onto a United flight to Vancouver. Lucas fell asleep as we taxied and slept through take off and for 45 minutes more. When we got to Vancouver (on time) we had to go through Canadian Customs, which meant waiting in a line up, picking up our bags, and then going to an Air Canada booth, getting boarding passes and then going to our gate. The problem was that the Vancouver customs folks (people who do a difficult job and, I'm sure, get tired of being complained about – too bad) didn't seem to understand that the end of the Easter weekend and the end of spring break might mean an increase in travelers. So the line was a mb 1500 people long.

So we waited, and waited and waited.

Did I mention that our layover was an hour and 40 minutes?

So after waiting for about an hour and 10 minutes, a nice guard pulled out us out of the line and put us in another one they were using for groups and people with kids etc. This line took about 10 minutes. Then the customs officer stamped our form, asked where we had been, ignored the answers and let us through in under 45 seconds.

At which point we litterally ran to the luggage dealy. Wonderment of wonderments, the luggage was only just coming out. Except for the kid carrier. Which was at the "special, odd shapped and fragile" luggage dealy. Which was on the moon.

So we got everything and ran some more to the Air Canada booth. We got there about 3 minutes before our flight was to take off. The nice lady called the plane and was informed that no, they would not wait for us (meaning that our seats were gone to people on stand by). She then told us that the next flight out was in 8 hours at 11pm. We then had to explain to her that yes, Lucas had a seat that had been purchased for him, so this "mb I can sit you all together" bullshit was just that. Then we went to tourist info and went into Vancouver for 4 hours or so.

Vancouver is one of those cities that does really well due to it's context. Mountains and ocean and water make everywhere look better. Everyday that fine city should thank god for it's views. That is all I have to say about that.

Then it was time to go back to the airport. We got home at 7am. Lucas had slept 3.5 hours, Christine 1.5 and me none.



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