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Thursday, June 09, 2005

But first, an update

I'll do the whole book thing in a minute, first I wanted to update about my mom..

Basically she is never leaving the hospital. Or she will. But not in the way that people like to leave.

The damage to her lungs from the clots is too severe. Her breathing too laboured, her ability to absorb oxygen too deteriated...

In you or I (assuming you are hail and have strong lungs) a clot would be dealt with via heavy doses of anti-coagulent. In my mom, there exists a possibility that there are cancerous growths in her lungs (and other fun places) and the drugs that would break up the clots would cause her to bleed out through the tumors.

(please understand that as much as I sound dispationate about all of this, I have been testing my tear duct output quite nicely thank you very much)

All of this to say that plan B has swung into action relative to my sisters wedding. On Friday she and Darren will get married in a civil ceremony at the hospital in my mom's hospital room and on Saturday the scheduled religious ceremony will happen at the church.

Anyone with thoughts on how to get an internet connection to my moms bed and a webcast from the church will be my friend forever.


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