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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mixed messages

So, I got a call from my Dad from the hospital last night. Basically, as of the time of that call, my mothers ability to absorb oxygen is deteriating. She's on the mask etc but less is getting into her blood stream etc etc. We are now calling what is going on what it is, pulmonary embolism. The problem is (or the bigger, overarching problem) that because of her cancer, her treatments for same, the treatments for the side effects of the treatments (etc, world without end...) she has pretty much run out of treatment options. So, basically we're hoping that the anticoagulants, in the dosages that she can handle, will do their job. Honestly, at this point we're hoping for weeks.

Sort of update: I talked to my dad this morning, he discovered that my mom was on morphine to manage pain. Morphine is a wonder drug for pain, it also slows respitory and heart function as a side effect (disclaimer, I am not a medical professional, I am merely patient no more). So my dad asked if they could try her with some other pain killer and as of when he left last night her absorption rate was back up to where it had been when they first stabilized her.

Further update (this entry is taking forever to write): I just talked to Mom, she sounds better, calm and relaxed, and the doc was about to examine her....

Oh, and Marjorie is flying in from the UK 3 days early. She was scheduled to arrive on Friday to take care of final prep for her wedding (MY BABY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED.. WTF?). I feel badly for her, the whole thing is totally preped and really can't be moved if something goes wrong. Bugger.


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