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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


One of the things we have going on around here is that Lucas is being raised mostly French, but bilingually... IE: I speak 90% French to him, Chris 100%, all of Chris and I's conversations are in English (I'm lazy, she indulges) and 99% of our TV watching is in English.

So the deal is that he will learn both languages a bit slower, but then when he explodes with vocabulary, it will be in both English and French.

Anyway, we have this small collection of odd piggy banks in his room. They are from Old Navy¬ô and are made to celebrate each new season or holiday/separate you from your money. There is a green one for St-Pattys day, a Santa one.. etc etc... They are all lined up on his book shelf.

A few weeks ago, while being changed, he looked over his shoulder and said "cochon" (French for pig). This, in and of itself, was profoundly cool.

Then a few days ago he looked at them and, quite matter of factly, said "pig" ... well he actually said "peeeg" (imagine a Maurice Chevalier kind of accent here ok?). I almost wet my pants laughing.


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