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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Grab bag (again)

Hey. I haven't been blogging much because I am busy.

Busy with Lucas (who has several English words now–come on bilingualism).
Busy with work (complaining clients and slightly messed CSS add up to no time).
Busy with house stuff (lights moved, plants repotted).
Busy with my parents house stuff (furniture moved, boxes stored, decorative garden thingys made of concrete carried up out of basements).

Lucas' kilt for my sisters wedding is ready, we'll have to take it to be, well, taken in. It's just a touch too large, which is no big deal, they move the side tab/belt things a bit and off we go. He is 20 kinds of cute in it, but totally ignored the kilt itself, focusing instead on playing with the hose (knee high socks).

Chris is on vacation this week which, given the vast array of work I have to do, is a blessing.

We're going to go to the Big Biblio and get our library cards this week. We're all (well not Lucas (excited about this)


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