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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hospital Watch: Wedding Edition

My sister is getting married today.

In the solarium of palliative care.

The people there have organized a harpist, a pianist and a guitarist.

There will be food, drink etc.

It's enough to make an old cynic like me start to like humans again.

OH: I kinda just pointed out new news. Mom was moved to the palliative care unit the day before yesterday.

This is good and bad.

Good because they provide the very best care imaginable. The people there clearly walk on the right hand of God (or the deity or force or power of your choosing).

Bad because you can't pretend that someone in palliative care is going to walk out of the hospital.

Today promises to be the very definition of "mixed emotions".


At 11:37 a.m., Blogger Tricia L said...

Sorry 2 hear yer mama needs care.

Good Lord, I dunno wha tI would do if my great-aunt had to live in a home. None of my older relatives had to live in a home (unless they get a serious stroke or some other ailment, like my great-uncle shortly before he died)

Could be the sun down there, or the difference in lifestyles, which is perhaps more active...

Yesterday evening I just saw one of the people who maintain my apt. building holding the door open for a black man around his age. He was slightly stooped; the black man was sprightly and bringing in a bicycle.

Made me wonder and think on the way to the corner post ofice. Being more active perhaps lends itself to a better state of being physically when you reach your advanced years. I'd like to be able to walk with a straight back, and be able to drive my descendants batty (like she did my cousin Kim) because I won't stay off the leg I broke on the way to church.. because I want to GO to church.

-Tricia (aka babyguru)


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