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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The morning after

So the wedding was the very definition of the word bittersweet.

My sister was beautiful.

Darren was handsome. Both were nervous.

There was a harpist who was coming in to palliative care, but came an hour early to play for the wedding.

There was flowers, and cake and canapé and champagne and wine and other refreshmentss.
The staff cut the back out of my Mom's wedding outfit so she could wear it over her hospital gown and they hooked her up to a oxygen tank. They then draped the bed with a lacy blanket, and wheeled her to the solarium room.

The ceremony was a simple civil one. When my parents were asked if they blessed the union, my mother bellowed out "ABSOLUTELY!!" Lucas delivered the rings (practice for the second, religious ceremony on Saturday I guess).

All in all it was as nice as a wedding in the palliative care ward could be.

Near the end of the little "party" afterwards Mom's oxygen tank ran empty. So she got rushed back to the room and reconnected.

Later on last night they gave Mom some stuff to help her rest. Since then she hasn't really woken up yet.

I guess ........

well I guess the end is nigh....

I've never felt so heartsick and relieved and guilty and sad and teary in my entire life. I want to puke and cry, and perhaps do both at once. Which would be gross at a new level.


At 9:43 p.m., Blogger Tricia L said...

I'm sending all the comfort I possibly can from here in Toronto...



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