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Monday, September 19, 2005

Daycare and SAHD thoughts

So Lucas is adapting nicely to the daycare. He plays a lot with a cool, tough little girl named Agath, helps put away toys, sleeps well etc etc. All the other little kids know who he is, and he seems very pleased with the whole thing.

All of this has left me wondering: Am I still a stay at home dad? I mean, I don't go anywhere out of the house any more than I did before he went to the daycare. I've bowed to reality/life and got a cell phone (my first) so I'm still the primary contact point (the daycare is 5-7 minutes away by foot, so in an emergency they will call me). 90% of the time I'm at home anyway...

But I'm really not sure of my role.


At 5:25 a.m., Blogger Margie Bargie said...

OMFG!!!! You with a mobile! Saints preserve us...please someone open a window I need some air!

I think that is really wise with Lucas in daycare now!

So now you can schedule your day around the sessions at the gym you were mentioning in your other blog! ;oP


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