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Friday, February 24, 2006

Today Was A Good Day

So, today is the rectors holiday, basically a bone thrown to those of us on staff/faculty at Concordia at the end of reading week.

So Chris was home, Lucas was at the daycare. We were going to finish the table we're building for her room, but we needed to get a friend a birthday present. 

So we went out for a walk, had coffee together, got the present, poked around at stores, ate lunch, poked some more, bought bagels, talked and talked and talked, and meandered home. 

It was lovely. 

When we got home I checked my email, my thesis/internship report advisor had emailed to tell me that, with few changes, my report is good to go. Also waiting was an email from one of the profs I'd contacted looking for readers, saying yes. 

Then we tidied the house, she had a nap and our buddy Léa came over. Chris and she went to meet another friend to play pool and go to dinner. I went groccery shopping, and then picked up Lucas. 

For the first time in a long time he was in a really good mood (he's been sick and he's two). We walked over to Euro Deli and ate yummy pasta there and then we went a looked at all sorts of stores. Finally we came home, he had desert and he fell asleep in 5 seconds flat. 



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