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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fun and Games

Look, 95% of the time I love living in an urban setting. 95% of the time I love that my son is growing up living where we live. 95% of the time I embrace and accept what is going on around us.

That extra 5% is looming large in my mind today. 

We live next door to a rooming house. The guys in it (and they are all guys) range from working poor to full on borderline junkie fucktards. 

One of our neighbors is someone we call Mr. Squirlie, because of how shifty and skittish he looks. Before last night I don't think I've heard him speak, let alone yell. 

That was before last night.

Last night we were watching a movie, Lucas was asleep and we hear yelling. Mr. Squirlie is yelling at some guy with a knee brace and crutches (which we realized shortly were more prop than anything else).  We aren't sure what the arguement was about, but Mr. Crutch (I'm lazy, sue me) was heard to say "Go on, call the police, I'll wait right here. But you won't call, because you're scared of me." 

Soon after this Mr. Squirlie and Mr Crutch engaged in a not very amusing version of keystone copsian chace around some construction equipment parked on the street. 

This terminated in Mr. Squirlie getting hold of the crutches and smashing them off the construction equipement. Which led to the suddenly spry Mr. Crutch(less) jumping him. Which led to Mr. Crutch getting beaten over the head and back with his own crutches. Which led to the two of them rolling around on the sidewalk beating on each other. Which led to me calling the police. 

Which led to. 

Well, nothing. Technically I'm still waiting for them to show up. 

So this happens. And then this morning I wake to my morning paper telling me that the police are no longer content to herd dealers and junkies into my neighborhood from only one side (St-Denis) and that they now want to put surveillance cameras up on St-Laurent as well.

Right after I read this the construction guys showed up to move their gear back to their job site and Lucas got excited. So we went to the door, in time to see the equipment and one of the local dealers close a deal.



At 11:11 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cameron, in good neighbourhoods you sometimes have weird people. One of my neighbours likes his rap music so much that he puts the music really loud around 12am in his car and then he leaves the car doors open. Now the music is so loud that a couple of houses down we can still hear it through closed windows. Not the song just the boom boom sound. Now you can do anything about that except slam your hands on your pillow and put an other one over your head.


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