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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oh I'm Dumb

So, till now I had managed not to talk about the portuguese getting knocked out by the French. 

Then like an ass I was buying coffee and started talking to one of the guys who manages (part owns) the place I go for beans and cheese. 

At that point I found out that the fix was in, the refs bought, the French all cheaters and the world was out to get the "small teams". 

I almost choked... "small"? Let's look at this shall we? Take Luis Figo, you know, this Luis Figo "Undoubtedly one of Europe's best players, he also became the most expensive player in the world, after being transferred for $56 million to Real Madrid" That's not his sallary, that's how much it cost Real to get him from his last club. USD. $54 million. 

Then there's Cristiano Ronaldo who was signed for a fee of £12.24 million, let's see... I'm not going to go and do the math, but doubling pounds to CDN dollars and you never go too wrong. ... the list goes on and on... their team is populated by some of the best players in the world..

So the small, hard done to theory, I say bullshit. 


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