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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Updates etc

Today's post is brought to you from the state of Randomtopia, a place I seem to spend a lot of time (I've got some political stuff bouncing around in my head, I'll make that a separate post):
  • So since I last posted we had the real estate people by, had our place priced (too low, too conservative if you ask me) put in a conditional bid on the place up the street, waited for the other guys financing to fall through and then got the phone call that it didn't. Silver lining time: the house is so clean as to be nearly surgical. All the odd, but useful (don't tell my wife I said that, oh hi Chris... whoops) lumber (MDF, ply, 1x1 etc) has found a tidy place out of site, and we are that much closer to getting all our DIY stuff taken care of.

  • More birch stuff from IKEA arrives today. I am mostly excited because one bit is for my office and will have locks. LOCKS!! This means that things like scissors and xacto knives (I am very old school) etc will finally be handy to me, but out of Lucas' reach. This is a wonderful thing. The other piece is a really nice bookshelf that will replace the one from the old loft that we have been moving around with us for years. It's done yoemans service, but it is, after all, a roughly built pine shelf meant for commercial storage that we painted white. The bonus, besides the much nicer look, with the IKEA shelf is that it comes with hardware to attach it to the wall, so that our little monkey can't pull it over on his head (or other bits).

  • In my constant battle to try and reduce the amount of Cameron that walks this earth I am always trying to figure out some kind of post dinner, during evening work or TV watching snack that isn't basically the fat/calorie equivalent of injecting saturated fat straight into my heart and middle. In one of those moments that makes you want to smash your face against a wall out of the sheer "OMG WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?" of it all, my sister casually mentioned that she throws low/0% fat single serve yogurt's into the freezer. She also said that this has completely cured her of her ice cream addiction (a genetic problem, apparently). I tried this last night. And lo! It was good.

  • I'm pretty much done my first chapter in my thesis/internship report, so now I move on to the literature review. I kind of freaked because my advisor suggested 5 books per topic. I figured I would have to sell an organ to buy a bunch of books and then not sleep while recovering in the hospital so I could read them all. When I asked him about this he said "oh, did I say books? I meant sources." The difference is HUGE, I can read articles etc (most of them I already have that many sources), I considered going to his office and giving him a big hug.


At 5:21 p.m., Blogger Mike McHargue said...

Wow man, I have to try the yougurt thing. I started a diet today and I currently think I may actually die.

That's right, die.

At 10:12 p.m., Blogger More Diapers said...

Mmmmm... yogurt. BTW, since your house is so clean, care to make a trip down to Beantown to clean mine? Heheh. Sorry to hear about the house falling (or not) through. I bet a better one comes along soon!


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