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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Champion

I don't think that most sports figures make good role models, especiallly not millionaire pros. But there are a few exceptions, Clara Hughes is one.

An Olypmic medal winner in both the Summer (road bike) and Winter Olympics (long track speed skating), Hughes, who is in her 30s and just won Olympic gold in the 5000 meters today, is a testiment to a good attitude and hard hard hard work.

When I think of what I would like Lucas to become, when I think of the attitudes and personality traits I'd like him to have, I can think of almost no better model than Clara Hughes.

The fact that she is a team mate to Cindy Klassen, who is now Canada's most decorated Olympic athelete, another woman who is an amazing role model, is just icing on the damn cake.


At 10:42 a.m., Blogger Brian C said...

I certainly agree with you on this one. She gave $10K of her own money. I did a similar post a few weeks back. It's impressive that she can win medals in 2 sports as well.


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