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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Final World Cup Thoughts - Plus thoughts on the Italian scandal

I love ZZ. I do. With all my heart and soul. His control of the midfield is stunning. He's a genius.

What he did in the World Cup final was fucking idiotic. Given that the game came down to one penalty shot, given that he can score those in his sleep, he probably cost the French the title.

That said, shit talking about someone's mom and sister is also fucking idiotic. But a better way to get back at the guy would have been to won and then gone to the media and said "hey, by the way that guy said this about my sister and mom..."

Oh and on the subject of football, this makes me quite sad. Not the punishment, but the whole sorry episode.

A question: if the games were rigged, weren't the players involved? This has implications for most of the Italian national side, as well as several French internationals. Shouldn't each of them be investigated and banned from play?


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