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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Job hunting (ick), random thoughts, the stupidest haircut ever

So, given that my internship/job ends in about a month, or so (more or so) I have started looking for a new job. CV redone, business cards, posting CV on education related job sites etc etc etc. I hate it. Every second of it. I hate looking for a job, I hate being unemployed, I hate that it always happens before Christmas (I know, gift buying isn't the point of Christmas.. blah blah blah I WANT SHINY BAUBLES FOR EVERYONE). Oh well. I'm gonna work my contacts, my profs etc etc etc... bugger.

So Lucas has a new trick. Whilst walking and holding your hand he kind of goes limp and dives for the sidewalk with one hand to touch interesting looking things (manhole covers being a fav). One minute everything is grand, we're walking along, and the next he is swinging from the hand I am holding.. this can happen 15 times in a block. Fun.

Speaking of walks, we just went on one, while out I counted three syringe wrappers and two plungers from syringes. There are days when I want very much to move.

OK, so, for those of you who don't know, I used to shave my head. Before that I had spiky hair, almost shaved with a Tintin front thing, David Bowie hair, all manner of foolish punk rawk/new wave dumbness. So I don't find most hair cuts silly. (are you ready for the but?) But yesterday I saw the dumbest shit I have seen in ages, and I hope to god it is an early Halloween costume related hair cut.

I was shopping at Seagals, this odd grocery store I go to and I saw this youngish guy who had shaved some male pattern baldness into his lanky sort of short Ramones hair cut.. he was even working the comb over. I'm sure this is some sort of post-modern ironic blah blah blah.. but I wanted to smack the shit out of him for some reason. What's next, white canes as an accessory?


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